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At Sports Massage Ireland, we are always happy to hear from our customers and what they have to say about their experiences using our services. Here are but a few select comments from some of our satisfied customers.
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Natalie Hair Stylist, Swords, Co. Dublin.

My job as a Hair Stylist for over 10 years has put a lot of strain on my back. When I finally did seek treatment I found it hard to find someone who could rectify the problems I was having. Although the massage felt good at the time, it didn’t do any good in the long term. I was in constant agony. Then I found Bernadette and the work she has done on my back has been amazing. I no longer have constant pain. She was able to pinpoint all the areas where I needed work done and my back feels so much better now. I’m so happy I found her!

Joanne Hassett
Joanne Hassett Administration staff, Dublin.

I have been suffering for years with my shoulder, after attending numerous physiotherapists and chiropractors I was still in pain. Thankfully I found Bernadette and after 3 or 4 sessions my shoulder was 100% better. I would definitely recommend Bernadette, she is very friendly and definitely knows what she is doing.

Brian McEneaney
Brian McEneaney HVAC Engineer, Drogheda, Co. Louth.

I would like to thank Bernadette for the excellent treatment she gave me for my neck and shoulders earlier this month. I have been suffering from recurrences of this type of pain for a number of years, and I really feel unquestionably better for your help with this. Your clinic is very relaxing and I felt very comfortable there. I’ll definitely be back to maintain my back for the future.

Damian Forkan
Damian Forkan Coordinator of volunteers, St John of God Menni Services, Dublin.

I was experiencing severe back pain and discomfort for a number of years due to a car accident. I could function but if I tried anything strenuous I suffered. I believed this was the way things had to be. I got a numerous physiotherapy sessions which helped but not in the long term. I was getting severe pain in my shoulder arm, and my index finger became numb which was new and worrying. A friend recommended deep tissue massage and although I thought this would offer some relief I was unconvinced of the long-term benefits. I went for three sessions with Sports Massage Ireland. The treatment was uncomfortable but the relief gained was exceptional and I feel that I am almost back to normality pre the car accident. Staff at the clinic were very helpful and knowledgeable when examining my neck, shoulder and arm. I would solemnly recommend this service and I would have no hesitation of using the clinic in the future.

Mr. K. Lynch
Mr. K. Lynch Technician, Dublin.

I suffered severe lower back pain for over 3 years and such was the pain that it drastically affected the quality of my life. Simply bending over was a trigger for crippling pain and spasms. I visited Bernadette in Sports Massage Ireland twice weekly for approximately 2 months and I was amazed at the difference she made in decreasing my lower back pain and enabling me a much greater range of back motion. Any queries and after-care questions I had were answered knowledgeably, professionally and with a genuine concern for my health. Thoroughly recommended.

Anthony Ultrarunner

Having gone to see Bernie for the past seven years, I would highly recommend a visit to Sports Massage Ireland. She has gotten me ready for running races up to 300km long by keeping my body fit and injury free and has soothed my legs afterwards. Her knowledge of all sports related injury’s and injury prevention is second to none. My legs look forward to more visits to Bernie.