Trigger Point Therapy

In every movement we make, we use our muscles. Even just sitting or breathing requires a finite balance in our muscular system. And more often, tensions arise due this multitude of movement. These tensions, or knots or trigger points produce pain, restrict movement and cause weakness. This weakness then causes compensatory work in a different muscle which then becomes strained and it too develops trigger points. And often, the pain is felt far away from where the trigger point exists. If these points are untreated, they can sit in the muscle for years and cause disabling pain, and dysfunction  that sometimes defies conventional medical diagnoses/treatment.

Trigger point therapy is an effective way to¬† identify these ‘knots’, which can then be reduced through manual techniques. And these manual techniques which treat and locate trigger points can be thought to the client, so that they can use them at home, between sessions or for whenever pain is felt.

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