Sprains & Inflammation

Ligaments hold your bones together. They have a certain elasticity which means they can stretch on movement. A sprain only ever occurs in ligaments and it simply means you’ve stretched your ligaments beyond their natural elasticity. Because ligaments do not receive a wealth of blood flow (unlike tendons & muscles), recovery is usually slow. Sometimes a very bad sprain can tear some of the fibres and take longer to heal than bone fratures.

Inflammation usually accompanies sprains. This is the body trying to protect itself. It really is the start of the healing process but unfortunately inflammation can cause further inflammation which inevitably causes you more pain.

Although neuromusclular therapies can not directly fix a sprain, it can help reduce this excess inflammation, and in most cases the injury is affects the surrounding tissue which can be treated effectively, ensuring the damaged tissue is receiving good blood flow, keeping it nourished which encourages healing, improves mobility, strength and reduces recovery time.

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