Knee Problems

A direct trauma to the knee by a fall, or a tackle or a misplaced foothold, can cause many problems to the knee and the structure of the joint capsule. Examples of this type of trauma include cruciate/collateral ligament damage, meniscus tears, and bursitis.

There are other types of problems which cause knee pain, such as chondromalacia patella and ITB syndrome,  which are due to imbalances in the thigh muscles but pain occurs at the knee.

Over-exertion and over-use are key reasons for the formation of trigger points which in turn produce knee (and thigh) pain. Although you don’t have to be in training or exerting yourself for knee pain to occur. Our sedentary lifestyle contributes too. Driving, sitting, long air travel all contribute to shortening and tightening our thigh muscles, leading to trigger point formation, which¬† leads to pain.

Assessing the thigh muscles (and the hips) can address these imbalances, and the process of releasing what is too tight and encouraging the proper information reaching what is weak can begin.


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