Head / Face / Neck Pain

Headache and face pain is very debilitating and can affect our ability to think and concentrate.  Although there are 19 muscles of the skull and face, it is often a direct trauma injury, an overuse injury or postural issues to the muscles in the neck that cause this pain. Direct trauma injury is obvious to indentify, as in whiplash due to road traffic accidents, falls and sporting tackles, but what if you haven’t experienced a trauma.

Consider the position your head is held during your working hours or during your sporting activities. Even your sleeping position and pillows used can affect the balance in neck muscles leading to the formation of trigger points. Trigger points that develop in the neck muscles can radiate pain along certain paths to different points on the skull.

Temporomandibular joint syndrome is an overuse/misuse of the jaw muscle-movers and can be common among people who grind their teeth.

 ***Consult a doctor if your neck pain is sudden and severe and you have loss of strength in your arm/hand/fingers along with tingling/numbness. And if pain is accompanied by nausea, fever and neck stiffness.***


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