Here to treat your pain and aim to make your rehab as short as possible, taking the mystery out of injury and injury prevention by bringing awareness about your bodys own healing ability.

As Neuromuscular Physical Therapists, with over 9 years experience in treating all types of pain and injury from all walks of life, Sports Massage Ireland offers a science based, hands-on therapeutic approach to minor soft tissue injury, muscular dysfunction and myofascial trigger points. The therapy we use is effective on painful conditions such as sprains/strains, low back pain, sciatica, back/neck and shoulder pain, repetitive stress disorders, varying types of sports injuries, like Runner’s Knee, shin splints, and rotator cuff problems, but to name a few.

This clinic exists to bring non-invasive soft tissue manipulation to virtually anyone suffering somatic dysfunction via the use of neuromuscular/physical therapies, and to address the ongoing tasks of preventing and limiting injuries. The clinic also It aims at bringing awareness to the public of the body’s own healing ability and how to activate this process. [pullquote align=”right”]The clinic also optimises the capabilities for the physical performance of any sports person, offering them a safe, relaxing and professional environment.[/pullquote]

In using trigger point therapy, along with myofascial release techniques, great success can be achieved with pain management of some conditions that sometimes defy conventional medical diagnoses/treatment; such as myofascial pain syndrome and fibromylgia.

We hold National Qualifications in Neuromuscular Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Sports Massage, awarded by the college of Complimentary Medical Education and Ireland’s National School of Sports Massage.

Please note: Physical therapist’s skills are classed as Complementary Medical Education, and as such, they will avoid treating injuries that require medical attention. Physical therapists respect the role of the Chartered Physiotherapist and sports medicine practitioner.

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Sports Massage Ireland